Buttock Augmentation

Buttock Augmentation

It’s only natural to want to look your best from head to toe. For many patients, buttock augmentation is one of the best ways to sculpt a more shapely and attractive figure.

Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad, MD, FICS, FACS, is a leading expert in sculpting the human form to create a truly attractive and harmonious result. Known more familiarly as “Dr. J.” to his many grateful patients, the doctor is a double-board certified plastic surgeon and highly regarded authority on the available techniques for reshaping the hindquarters.

Buttock augmentation often involves the use of butt implants. Dr. J. often prefers to use liposuction to contour the buttocks and to move unwanted fat from one area of the body to another area, where it might result in a more callipygian form. While butt implants may be an acceptable option in the opinion of some practitioners, Dr. J. has found that using the body’s natural materials through a Brazilian butt lift tends to create a more pleasing, natural feel and look.

Widely praised for his sculptural approach to buttock augmentation, Dr. J. has also received many grateful testimonials from his clients for his work on the Brazilian butt lift, which removes unwanted fat while reshaping and contouring the buttock. It is an outstanding option for many women who are seeking a more natural and beautifully shaped rear-end.

Whatever approach you decide on, Dr. J. is an outstanding resource. His sensitive and compassionate approach to discussing somewhat touchy topics makes researching your cosmetic surgery options a genuine pleasure.

For further information about reshaping and contouring the buttocks, please contact Dr. J. and his outstanding staff for a consultation.

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