Brazilian butt lift - Natural Butt Lift®
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The Brazilian butt lift/Natural Butt Lift® Before-and-After Picture Gallery you see above shows why Dr. J may be the best plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills for buttock augmentation. The pictures in this Brazilian butt lift/Natural Butt Lift® Before-and-After Gallery demonstrate how his real patients have received optimal results. Dr. J’s proprietary refinement of the standard BBL, the NBL®, has helped patients from around the world get more beautiful results and better recoveries.

Brazilian Butt Lift/Natural Butt Lift® Gallery History

As our page detailing the Brazillian Butt Lift/Natural Butt Lift® surgery explains, silicone implants were once commonly used for butt augmentation. In more recent years, however, the use of the patient’s own body fat obtained through liposuction has emerged as the gold standard procedure. Earlier Brazilian butt lifts looked and felt more natural compared to outcomes with silicone implants but Dr. J’s proprietary enhancement, the Natural Butt Lift®, has taken things further. These BBL and NBL® before and after pictures demonstrate the impact on actual patients.

Our Brazilian Butt Lift and Natural Butt Lift® Gallery Shows the Dr. J Difference

The NBL® differs from the BBL thanks to Dr. J’s ultra-precise approach to every aspect of the procedure. From making sure fat is purified gently so there is enough to use, to choosing just the right places to put the fat, every task involved with the surgery is performed with great care. The entire process is aimed at an outcome that, as Dr. J puts it, “looks natural, feels natural, and moves natural.” To see what that means, look again at the real patient outcomes on our Brazilian Butt Lift/Natural Butt Lift® Gallery

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The Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area is filled with competent board-certified plastic surgeons but, like the real women in our Brazilian Butt Lift/Natural Butt Lift® Gallery, no one dreams of merely adequate outcomes for a plastic surgery. Beauty is always the goal and, as you can see on this page, it’s the rule with Dr. J’s patients.

Dr. J, aka Payam Jarrah-Nejad, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S., has attracted a worldwide following via social media and word-of-mouth. Fans agree that he is the best plastic surgeon for buttock augmentation and much more. In testimonials and 5-star reviews on Yelp and RealSelf, delighted former patients praise their outcomes. They also rave about their experience working with Dr. J, especially his friendly demeanor and the kindness and abilities of his team. 

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