Liposuction Before and After
Lipo Contouring & Lipo 360 Gallery

Liposuction before and after pics and a lipo 360 and lipo contouring gallery all use images of real patients to make a big point. As the top plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, Dr. J’s delighted former patients agree that he provides the most beautiful outcomes. No joke; 5-star reviews from Dr. J’s real patients on sites like RealSelf and Yelp all say the same thing: Dr. J treats all his patients like VIPs. He is the best plastic surgeon Los Angeles has to offer!

Liposuction Galleries vs. Lipo Contouring Before and After vs. Lipo 360 Galleries

You can learn more about the differences between these procedures, by visiting our page on liposuction and lipo contouring. The short version is below.

  • Liposuction before and after pictures show you images of real patients to give you an idea of the beautiful outcomes that may be possible. These liposuction gallery pics are where Beverly Hills’ best plastic surgeon worked on one or two specific areas. These often include the tummy, sides, arms, and the area below the chin.
  • Lipo Contouring galleries show what happens when Dr. J takes a comprehensive approach to using liposuction. While he always works for outcomes that flatter the entire patient, these procedures demand an extremely high level of sculptural and surgical skill, as Dr. J will choose as many locations as needed for the best outcome. This is a procedure where you really need the leading plastic surgeon in Los Angeles and beyond.
  • Lipo 360 galleries are like lipo contouring galleries. These procedures are designed to help patients achieve head-to-toe beauty!

Liposuction Before and After Outcomes? Lipo Contouring Gallery Miracles? Which Should I Get?

We can’t say which procedure may get you the kind of real lipo gallery-worthy outcomes above until your first consultation. In most cases, liposuction can treat individual pouches of fat. Lipo contouring/lipo 360 is the cure when the unwanted fat is more generalized. Large amounts of sagging and/or loose skin usually mean that a tummy tuck or body lift will be needed, perhaps with liposuction or lipo contouring. There are times, however, when liposuction alone can do more than you might expect.

Love these Lipo Galleries and Lip Contouring Before and After Images? Live the Dream® now with Dr. J!

Your choice of the best plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills or LA may be one of the most important you’ll ever make — your appearance and your safety are on the line. Payam Jarrah-Nejad, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S., aka Dr. J, is double board certified in both plastic surgery and general surgery and has attracted a worldwide following. To learn more about booking a first-time consultation, please call Dr. J Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills at the number below or fill out the contact form below. 

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