For people who feel that their chin is too small or not sufficiently prominent, a chin implant remains the gold standard solution. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. J has helped countless patients gain the confidence that comes with a jawline that’s as strong as their character.


It’s completely unfair, but a “weak” chin tends to be associated with a weak personality in popular culture. Of course, this is as wrong as any other kind of prejudice based on a physical attribute. However, the brutal truth is that most people tend to prefer a well-defined and proportionate chin. Moreover, it is always easier to be at your best when you have the self-assurance that comes with liking what you see in the mirror.

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When it comes to chins, it’s definitely not a matter of bigger is better. No celebrity we can think of has a bigger chin than comedian Jay Leno but he’d be the first to admit he’s nobody’s sex symbol. It’s a matter of sculpting a chin that truly complements the patient’s facial structure – not too small, not too big but in the right proportion and shape to best flatter the patient.

Payam Jarrah-Nejad, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S., better known as Dr. J, has earned a worldwide reputation for excellence and has helped countless patients obtain a chin that truly suits them. He frequently states that people are much more than an assortment of parts and he performs subtle work that never draws attention to itself but instead creates a much better overall effect. People who don’t know about the surgery may see a difference but they might not be able to figure out what it is. They may assume you’ve lost weight or gotten a more flattering hairstyle.

You can see examples of Dr. J’s outstanding and understated work on his chin implants before and after gallery.


No two faces are exactly alike so every chin implant surgery is different. The one thing they have in common is that they use a painstakingly sculpted implant made from silicone or other biocompatible synthetic material. The implant is typically placed through an incision just under the chin. By the time Dr. J’s patients fully recover from surgery, the outcome is both attractive and completely natural in appearance.

In some cases, patients may wish to combine a chin implant procedure with a rhinoplasty (nose contouring) procedure. The benefit of doing the work simultaneously is that it allows Dr. J to ensure that the new dimensions of both the chin and nose are in visual harmony. It will also represent a net reduction in recovery time compared to getting the operations separately.


What you do before any plastic surgery is important and it’s crucial to follow all of Dr. J’s instructions to get ready for the procedure.

First and perhaps most important, smokers will need to quit for about three weeks before surgery and several more weeks afterward. Smoking is not only one of the very worst things you can do to your long-term health, it also visibly ages the skin. For the sake of your health and appearance, it’s best to take the opportunity to stop smoking permanently.

Also, as with nearly all medical procedures, it’s important to avoid NSAIDs such as Advil (ibuprofen) and any other blood thinning or anticoagulant medications prior to surgery.

Finally, not all of the advice we’re giving you is about what not to do and some of it you might actually enjoy. Get enough sleep and avoid excess stress if at all possible to help your body prepare for treatment. Also, eat the most nutritious foods possible. Stay away from junk food and lean towards nutritious foods with sufficient protein and carbs (preferably of the healthier whole grain/high fiber variety) to ensure the best possible outcomes. Contrary to the opinion of many, many of the most delicious treats out there also happen to be healthy so bon appétit.


Procedures are performed in Dr. J’s onsite Platinum Surgical Center with a board-certified anesthesiologist on hand for maximum comfort and safety.

Patients can usually expect to return home or to their hotel the same day. They will, of course, need to be driven home by a designated individual and should not be left alone the first night following the operation. Most patients stay with a close friend or relative the first night.

Before patients are discharged, Dr. J will prescribe a course of preventive antibiotics as well as medications to control any discomfort. He will also provide the patient with detailed instructions on what to do during their recovery to ensure the best possible outcome.


It’s normal to experience swelling and patients will need to consume only liquids and extremely soft foods for the first several days after the procedure. It will also be necessary to rinse daily with an antiseptic mouthwash, as instructed by Dr. J.

Patients can typically return to a sedentary job about a week after their procedure. It will, however, be necessary to avoid strenuous activity for roughly six to eight weeks. 

As swelling subsides and healing continues, most of the procedure’s effects should be apparent after about three to six weeks. The complete outcome, however, will typically take about three months to show itself.

The important good news is that, once healing is complete, the procedure should last a lifetime. Erosion of chin implants is known to be fairly uncommon and mostly very minor.*

* Bone Resorption after Use of Silicone Chin Implants, Long-term Follow-up Study with Lateral Chin Radiography, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Carlos E. Sciaraffia, MD, Macarena F. Ahumada, Francisco J. Parada, MD, Esteban Gonzalez, MD, and Arturo Prado, MD, July 2018.


Plastic surgery in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills is as competitive as it gets. Dr. J has nevertheless stood out as one of the very finest doctors in the specialty. He has garnered a worldwide reputation for excellence, mostly thanks to delighted former patients who sing his praises on sites like Yelp and RealSelf.

Plastic surgery in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills is as competitive as it gets. Dr. J has nevertheless stood out as one of the very finest doctors in the specialty. He has garnered a worldwide reputation for excellence, mostly thanks to delighted former patients who sing his praises on sites like Yelp and RealSelf.


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