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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon:
Dr. J (Payam Jarrah-Nejad, M.D.)

Dr. J is known as one of the leaders in Beverly Hills’ ultra-competitive plastic surgery scene for just one reason: consistently outstanding outcomes. Preferring to avoid the distractions of the media spotlight, Dr. J has concentrated on honing his mastery of the latest and best Plastic surgery techniques. He has built his worldwide following patient-by patient, creating outstanding outcomes they can’t wait to share on social media. Simply the Best Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills!

Our patients are amazing people who come from all walks of life – performers, school teachers, entertainment lawyers as well as celebrities, musicians, actors, influencers, personal assistants and medical professionals. Each and every one of them can expect a red-carpet experience with a friendly and reassuring touch.

Actual Plastic Surgery Patients

The Dr. J Experience

Dr. J shoulders his responsibility as a top plastic surgeon with great care. First and foremost, before accepting a patient, he combs their medical history and conducts a thorough evaluation to ensure that they can benefit from a procedure. This meticulous approach ensures patients have realistic expectations, which are critical for long-term satisfaction. In fact, good communication in plastic surgery is essential.

Patients consistently praise Dr. J’s friendly and approachable style and his ability to communicate what they can expect from their procedures in terms they can understand. Furthermore, patients also rave about the doctor’s team of skilled medical professionals for creating a welcoming atmosphere that made their experiences positive on every level.

Results that Speak for Themselves

Dr. J’s track record of remarkably transformative results can be seen in before-and-after galleries.  They are further verified by his delighted former patients via countless five-star ratings and rave reviews on Yelp, RealSelf and Google

Real Patient Reviews

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Google Reviews (80)
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Treating Patients from
Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Around the World

International and U.S. patients who travel to the Beverly Hills area for procedures can expect a personalized concierge approach to ensure the best possible experience with one of the best plastic surgeons in Los Angeles. Furthermore, this includes conducting video-consultation for out-of-town patients, helping with travel arrangements, and accommodations in the Greater Los Angeles area. We are always happy to answer patient questions and put  their minds at ease about any concerns.

Dr. J Best cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles

The Dr. J Difference

Dr. J isn’t your average surgeon. He combines medical skills with artistic flair to deliver exceptional results. Patients often praise his work as beautiful, like “true works of art.”

What makes Dr. J so special? Plastic surgery is both a complex medical field and an art form. The artistic side can be tricky to define, but like any art, a strong foundation in technical skills is crucial.

Double-Board Certification in plastic surgery is Key

Best plastic surgeons should always be board certified to ensure the patient’s safety. Dr. J, however, is double board-certified in both plastic surgery and general surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) and the American Board of Surgery (ABS).

This calls for some explanation. Most plastic surgeons in training get their certification in general surgery from the ABS prior to their additional two years of plastic surgery residency. Once they finish the additional two years of training required to become a plastic surgeon, they obtain their ABPS board certification. After that, most plastic surgeons allow their general surgery certification to lapse while periodically renewing the credentials as plastic surgeons.

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Dr. J believes that keeping both certifications up-to-date expands his knowledge and keeps his dexterity as a surgeon in top condition. In practice, this means that he is able to stay ahead of where he is in procedures, reducing trauma and shortening recovery times.

Click here for a complete list of Dr. J’s medical credentials.

Why dr.j is the best plastic surgeon
in beverly hills

In Beverly Hills, where discerning patients expect only the very best, Dr. J stands out as one of the BEST plastic surgeons in the Los Angeles area. His double board certification by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, coupled with numerous awards and affiliations with leading medical institutions, bolster his reputation for aesthetic skill and consistently outstanding outcomes. Dr. J’s single-minded dedication to exceptional patient care and his focus on achieving natural-looking results have garnered him a reputation for excellence that has attracted a worldwide following.

Taking the Next Step

Dr. J performs a wide range of procedures from breast augmentation and his Brazilian Natural Butt Lift® to rhinoplasty and mommy makeover. If you are interested in a plastic surgery, the only way to Live the Dream® is to reach out to our team members today.