Breast Reduction in Beverly Hills

Everyone who obtains a breast reduction has their own reasons. All patients, however, want this often emotionally fraught procedure performed with sensitivity, skill, and the aesthetic eye of a master. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. J has attracted a worldwide following based on decades of experience and consistent outcomes that meet and exceed patient expectations.

Why Patients Get Breast Reductions

Macromastia, the medical term for the condition that causes unusually large breasts in women, often emerges during adolescence or it may be spurred on later in life by hormonal changes related to pregnancy and childbirth.  Whatever time in life it emerges, macromastia can cause problems that range from severely annoying to seriously harming the quality of a patient’s life.

Many women with very large breasts suffer from back and/or neck pain and others find that they have problems playing their favorite sports. They may suffer from rashes or have trouble finding clothing and brassieres that fit.1 Young women frequently seek breast reductions to avoid unwanted attention, positive or negative. Even young celebrities have found themselves being harassed or taunted due to larger-than-usual breast size.

Thus, women of all ages may have multiple reasons – medical, social, and aesthetic – for seeking out a breast reduction. Well-known women who have gone public about their procedures run the gamut of age and body type, from actors Soleil Moon Frye and Ariel Winter who got the procedure in their teens, to Drew Barrymore, Roseanne Barr, and Janeane Garofalo.

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Breast Reduction Outcomes

Breast reductions have consistently positive outcomes. Studies have shown that both adult2 and younger women3 who get the procedure medically known as reduction mammaplasty typically enjoy a significantly improved quality of life. Whatever their reason for wanting a breast reduction, people considering a procedure should seek out a competent and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon to ensure the best possible outcomes. Dr. J has performed this procedure on numerous women of all ages with consistently outstanding outcomes.

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How It Works

Every patient is different and Dr. J makes a point of taking the time to very consult closely with each one of them to determine how much of a reduction will be needed and an overall treatment plan which may often include a breast lift. (For more on this procedure, see Dr. J’s breast lift page.) 

To produce the best possible results in terms of size and shape for a breast reduction with or without a lift, it is often preferable to employ the anchor scar technique or the Wise pattern. It begins with a circular incision around the areola combined with a vertical incision from the areola to the breast fold, followed by a horizontal incision in the crease of the breast. The result is a scar that initially resembles the shape of an anchor. Dr. J is known for his ability to keep visible scarring to a minimum, typically restricting incisions to areas that will be hidden by most bras and even bikini tops. Whatever minor scarring there is will fade over time and should be nearly undetectable after a year or so.

Breast Reduction Surgery

All of Dr. J’s procedures are performed in his in-office Platinum Surgical Center. It is a pristine, sterile environment and, of course, the safety and comfort of patients are always his foremost concerns. While breast reduction procedures typically take approximately four hours, Dr. J will take whatever extra time is necessary to perform the operation effectively and obtain the best possible results for his patients.

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Recovery Time

In the majority of cases, the patient can go home on the same day as the operation. On occasion, however, a day or two in a post-surgical aftercare facility may be advised. Dr. J will discuss what may be required with the patient to advise on the best and safest choice. Patients will wear a post-operative surgical bra for about six weeks after surgery to facilitate optimal healing.

Male Breast Reduction

While younger women may seek breast reduction procedures due to embarrassing attention that can be either negative or positive, male teens and adult men with larger-than-usual breasts get only negative attention. While men tend to be less vocal about these issues, the truth is that they also suffer from a sense of hidden shame and harsh blows to their confidence. Dr. J has also addressed these issues for a great many men who have expressed great satisfaction with their procedure. For details, visit our page on gynecomastia.  

Choosing Dr. J for Breast Reduction

Selecting the correct plastic surgeon for you can turn out to be one of the most important decisions of your life. Whoever you choose, your physician must be a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon who has the necessary expertise, experience, and qualifications to perform breast reductions and other procedures. 

Dr. J, also known as Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad has built a reputation as one of the finest plastic surgeons working in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area working one patient at a time. He regularly earns raves from delighted former patients alongside five-star ratings on sites like RealSelf and Yelp.

Dr. J has developed a worldwide reputation working patient by patient to produce the best possible outcomes. Colleagues say that he has the touch of a genuinely creative artist or craftsman – sculpting breasts that not only appear attractive on their own but also flatter the patient’s appearance from head to toe. It’s no wonder, then, people from around the globe come to the Beverly Hills area to have their work performed by Dr. J.

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