Gynecomastia in Beverly Hills

Men with excess breast tissue can be frustrated and embarrassed by their condition. Normal activities like going to a beach or sauna, swimming in a pool, or dressing in a locker room become an ordeal. They may choose their wardrobe around hiding the shape of their chests, and simply wearing a tee shirt can be out of the question for some patients with gynecomastia in Beverly Hills.

The assumption on the part of many people is that gynecomastia is caused by weight gain. Weight gain can be the cause, but not in the way people expect. Excess fat accumulates in the breasts when the patient is very overweight, but this fat is not breast tissue. However, the overabundance of fat in the body can lead to an increase in estrogen, which in turn leads to the development of breast tissue, which exacerbates an already undesirable situation. For this reason, weight loss can be an excellent solution, but many patients who have lost the weight find themselves stuck with the lingering effects of gynecomastia.

Moreover, hormone changes can be a cause of gynecomastia in Beverly Hills. During adolescence, there are 1-2 years in which, due to the onset of puberty, many youths develop breast tissue that will naturally subside in time. These years can be tough, and in some cases the condition does not fade. Moreover, some men have chromosomal conditions which among other symptoms, cause breast tissue development that will not go away. These patients should consult their physician about their conditions to understand them further, but the breast tissue is generally not treatable with prescription drugs or exercise. Moreover, in some men, a genetic predisposition to breast development, or some other unknown cause might lead to gynecomastia in Beverly Hills. Based on your diagnosis, male breast reduction surgery from Dr. J may be an effective option.

Gynecomastia surgery can require fat to be removed as well as breast tissue, and in cases of extreme gynecomastia in Beverly Hills it can be necessary to remove excess skin. A simple test can determine with kind the patient’s is: If they have firm fullness under the nipple, that is breast tissue, and it is appropriate to remove it. If the patient is overweight and has fullness over the whole chest, but not under the nipple, then liposuction is probably better. In reality, Dr. J will inspect every case closely to determine the best course of action, usually a mix of the two techniques just mentioned.

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