Gynecomastia Surgery

In adolescence it is actually common for young men to develop unwanted breast tissue. As a precursor to the other development that goes along with puberty, this is not a serious problem, and will go away once hormones re-balance. This does not require a male breast reduction. Some adolescent boys, however, develop breast tissue that persists after puberty into adulthood. Still other men gain weight which causes breast development. The best way to treat breast growth in these cases is with weight loss, but there may be a buildup of estrogen accompanying the added weight, and this can result in additional breast tissue. Fat can be excised with liposuction, but gynecomastia surgery requires Dr. J to cut away the breast tissue. Fortunately Dr. J is extremely discreet and compassionate about male breast growth, and he achieves results quickly and with minimum disruption to the lives of his patients.

The best thing about getting gynecomastia surgery from Dr. J is that, thanks to his advanced techniques it is one of the least complicated procedures, and Dr. J specifically states that he finds the patients’ reaction to their great results very gratifying. Gynecomastia surgery requires that tissue be removed through a rather small incision. Fat removal takes care of the large deposits of fat, and a specialized instrument must be used to remove the breast tissue behind the areola.

The recovery from gynecomastia in Beverly Hills is rather short, and the discomfort involved has been compared to the sensation that comes from vigorous exercise of the chest muscles. With breast tissue no longer “masking” the muscle tone of the patient’s chest after gynecomastia treatment, he will look better than ever with a shirt off, and his confidence will return in no time.

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