Otoplasty in Beverly Hills

Why You Might Get Otoplasty in Beverly Hills?

A common cause of stress is self-consciousness about prominent ears. These issues are often associated with young people, but actually they affect people of all ages. Ear shapes are diverse, but some people have a much great degree of projection than others. In addition to the prominence caused by these protruding ears, additional attention can be brought on by poorly defined ear folds, which results in a bat-like appearance. On top of these issues, some people simply have unusually large ears. Dr. J is very experienced in dealing with all these concerns about ears, and his experience with otoplasty in Beverly Hills, also known as “ear shaping,” makes him a great choice when patients are looking for a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to address their ear shape and size.

Correcting ear prominence with otoplasty in Beverly Hills is a measure that can have its greatest psychological benefit if taken quite early. At six or seven years-old, some kids have adult sized ears, and the sooner this is addressed, the more teasing can be avoided. Rather than growing long hair, or spending one’s teen years wearing hats to disguise prominent ears, “ear pinning,” as it is sometimes known, can go a long way toward giving people less stress in their young lives.

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How Otoplasty Works

If the procedure is done right, the reconstructed ear will appear natural, and will blend harmoniously with the rest of the face. If an entire ear is to be reconstructed, Dr. J will take a costal cartilage graft from the rib cage and then mold it carefully into an auricular framework, which serves as the underlying structure for the new ear.

Dr. J may use local or general anesthesia for otoplasty in Beverly Hills, depending on the patient and the complexity of the operation. The actual surgery can take anywhere from 1.5 to 5 hours, and can be performed on an outpatient basis.

Otoplasty Recovery

The patient will have to wear a dressing around the ear for several days, and eventually replace it with a headband for an additional 3-6 weeks. Pain medication and icing can mitigate discomfort and swelling after the operation, and you will be prescribed antibiotics. Typically, a patient should be able to resume work after a week and other more strenuous activities after two weeks.

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