Breast Augmentation Before and After Gallery

The best plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills boasts a breast augmentation before and after gallery full of real patients with amazing outcomes. Acclaimed as the top plastic surgeon in Los Angeles and beyond, Dr. J always aims for results that are as natural-looking as they are gorgeous. Dr. J’s work flatters the patient from head to toe – not just from breast to breast! You can learn more about the procedure and Dr. J by visiting our breast augmentation page.

Who Gets These Breast Augmentation Gallery Outcomes?

The real patients in these breast augmentation before and after gallery pictures came to Dr. J for many reasons. Often, they may have been unhappy when they looked in the mirror because they thought their breasts were too small, shapeless, or not in proportion to the rest of their body. In other cases, they may have been moms bothered by their reduced volume following childbirth and lactation. In many cases, they may obtain breast enlargement procedures together with breast lifts or other work.

Speaking of moms, one common misconception is that mothers who have gotten breast implants can’t nurse. Dr. J wants you to know that this is not so. He is always happy to help his patients understand all aspects of their procedures in any way he can.

Amazing Breast Augmentation Before and After Outcomes Require the Best Plastic Surgeon

Not just anyone can create the amazing breast augmentation gallery you see above. Known more formally as Payam Jarrah Nejad, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S, Dr. J is not just any plastic surgeon! He’s a widely respected Beverly Hills and Los Angeles plastic surgeon who understands that his patients trust him with their appearance and their lives. Some of his patients are celebrities but all of them are VIPs!

Dr. J is known worldwide not only because of these breast augmentation before and after outcomes but also thanks to countless testimonials and 5-star rave reviews on Yelp and RealSelf – as well as old-fashioned word-of-mouth.

Amazing Breast Augmentation Before and After Outcomes Can Be Yours – if You Choose Wisely!

We always tell patients they should only consider board-certified plastic surgeons, but Dr. J is double-board-certified. This means that he has repeatedly gone through the rigorous examination process of both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery to prove that his skills and knowledge are on par. He feels it helps him to produce the beautiful breast augmentation before and after transformations on this page!

Dr. J and his team are here to help you Live the Dream® and start looking your best today. Fill in the form on this page, call us, or visit our contact page.

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Real Patient Reviews

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