A flabby midsection that won’t respond to any amount of exercise or diet is just plain unfair. A tummy tuck procedure corrects this by tightening abdominal muscles, contouring the abdomen, and removing excess skin for a tighter and more attractive midsection. For those who want the very best tummy tuck in Beverly Hills from world-class plastic surgeon Dr. J can address the all-too-common injustice of a gut that won’t respond to your very best efforts.


Tummy tuck plastic surgery (or abdominoplasty) is desired when the abdomen has lost its former shape and has taken on a saggy appearance with visibly loose skin.

While the area looks like a result of being overweight, the actual reasons are very often abdominal muscles that are separated as well as stretched-out skin. The most frequent causes of these issues include childbirth and major weight loss, following bariatric surgery or with diet and exercise. Rectus diastasis, as doctors call separated abs, and loose skin can only be corrected with surgery. If stubborn fat is also a problem, this procedure is frequently combined with liposuction.

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It’s true that most patients are motivated mostly by the cosmetic benefits of a tummy tuck. After the midsection has been tightened up, they report feeling far greater confidence — but the benefits of a tummy tuck can go well beyond that.

Loose tissue around the belly following a major weight loss can be uncomfortable, appearance issues aside. Former tummy tuck patients report being more comfortable in their skin in more ways than one! More surprisingly, there is strong evidence that tummy tuck procedures can be helpful for patients suffering from both back pain and urinary incontinence.*

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No plastic surgery is for everyone. If you are in generally good health, there is a good chance you are a candidate for a tummy tuck surgery. There are, however, a few qualifications you will need to be eligible for a tummy tuck.

Most of all, it’s important to have realistic expectations about the procedure. And to understand that tummy tucks and other body contouring procedures are not substitutes for weight loss. People who get this procedure should be at or near their goal weight and should not be planning on becoming pregnant in the future.

Smokers and users of other tobacco products should be aware that they have been found to increase the risk of complications following surgery. Patients should quit using tobacco products entirely before this or any other surgery – preferably starting now! Failing that, however, smoking is very strongly discouraged for a month or more before and after surgery.

A consultation with Dr. J will help patients understand if they are a good candidate for a tummy tuck, or if another approach will produce a better outcome. 

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A horizontal incision is made just above the pubic area, sometimes extending past the pelvic bone. The skin is elevated from the abdominal muscles, making room for Dr. J to remove the excess tissue. Next, abdominal muscles are tightened to correct the separation of the muscles (rectus diastasis). The process of reconnecting the stomach muscles is especially challenging for a plastic surgeon to perform at an optimal level. It’s one area, he says, where the patient’s choice of the best plastic surgeon can make a world of difference as it requires great dexterity and understanding of anatomy to make the difference between superb or merely acceptable outcomes.

Once the work has been performed, the incision is closed in multiple layers. In some cases, hernia repair work is added to a tummy tuck procedure. The surgery generally takes from one to five hours. Once most of the work is completed, surgical drains may be placed to allow excess liquid to clear out of the patient’s system.

If only the lower-stomach muscles have been separated and loose skin is less extensive, it is possible to do a mini-tummy-tuck. In comparison to a standard tummy tuck, this will take less time, be less invasive, and will have a somewhat reduced recovery period.

In contrast, if much more skin must be removed, a patient may be a candidate for a fleur-de-lis incision. These are tummy tucks with the incisions going both horizontally near the pubic area and vertically toward the xiphoid bone near the base of the sternum for maximum skin removal.

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Recovery from a tummy tuck surgery can take anywhere from one to four weeks. Depending on the extent of the treatment and the patient’s overall situation. It will be necessary to take some portion of this time off work.  For optimal healing and safety, patients may need to walk flexed at the waist for about one to three weeks if advised by Dr. J. He may also advise using a walker for roughly the same period in some cases. 

Over a longer period, recovering patients will need to avoid heavy lifting and vigorous exercise until the body has fully healed. There may be some discomfort and bruising associated with recovery which can be handled with prescription and over-the-counter medications. Patients will wear post-operative compression garments to minimize swelling, allow maximum skin retraction, and promote optimal healing. After three months, the patient will typically be healed, and scars will continue to fade in the months that follow.

Changes will be apparent soon after the procedure. But it may take a full year to adapt to the new configuration of the abdomen, with final results maturing at one-year post-op. However, with a consistently healthy diet and sufficient exercise, the results of your tummy tuck in Beverly Hills with Dr. J will last for a very long time.


Few places on Planet Earth play host to as many plastic surgeons as Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Even in this extremely competitive climate, Dr. J, aka Payam Jarrah-Nejad, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S., has emerged as a top plastic surgeon. To him, plastic surgery is both a science and an art, and his mastery of all aspects of his specialty is unquestioned. Patients rave about their stunning outcomes on social media and also appreciate his friendly and open approach to his work. While most plastic surgeons tend to let their general surgery board certification lapse after receiving the certification in plastic surgery, Dr. J believes that being double-board certified by maintaining both credentials allows him to perform at the very highest level. If you are interested in a tummy tuck or any other procedure, Dr. J may be the very best plastic surgeon for you.

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