Women who tend to be more slender or petite now have a fat-transfer-based buttock augmentation procedure just for them. Leading Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon Dr. J has developed a right-sized version of his Natural Butt Lift® (NBL®); it’s ideal for women who know that quality is as important as quantity.


The Mini Natural Butt Lift® is an outstanding choice for patients who want to achieve a more feminine and contoured look through the use of transferred body fat, but who may not have enough unwanted fat for a standard-size buttock lift. A mini NBL® is also ideal for women who want to be only a little bit curvier.

This procedure relies on a combination of contouring via liposuction and a more modest version of the fat transfer technique employed in Dr. J’s Natural Butt Lift®. It removes very small amounts of the patient’s own fat from locations near the buttocks and uses them to sculpt a derriere that will be as flattering and as natural as possible.

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Why Dr. J?

Payam Jarrah-Nejad, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S., better known as Dr. J, is known nationally and internationally. People from all over the world fly into Los Angeles to have their procedures performed by a world-class plastic surgeon known for his ability to sculpt unusually beautiful and natural-looking bodies. His delighted former patients flock to social media sites like Yelp and RealSelf to rave about their outcomes and their outstanding experiences with Dr. J.

Discerning patients want the most attractive results possible, but they also want to be safe. Dr. J is double-board certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. This means that he has lived up to the extremely rigorous standards of two of the most respected surgeons’ organizations in the United States.

When it comes to buttock augmentation, fat transfer techniques have proven to be the superior form of buttock augmentation in terms of outcomes.* Nevertheless, these procedures should always be performed by the best plastic surgeon available; many patients would argue that Dr. J is that plastic surgeon.

* “Brazilian Buttocks: Fat Grafting Technique Standardization,”  Alvaro L. Cansanção, M.D, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, September 2016.


When Dr. J performs a Mini Natural Butt Lift®, the first step is to carefully locate the patient’s fat deposits via liposuction. The process is performed comprehensively, i.e., with an eye on the overall appearance of the patient so they benefit from liposuction as well as their mini NBL®. 

Obtaining sufficient fat from more slender people can be a genuine challenge for even the best plastic surgeons and it takes exceptional skill and knowledge to locate and remove enough fat to perform the Mini NBL®. Once the fat has been obtained, it must then be purified before it can safely be placed in the buttocks. Plastic surgeons choose their own methods of removing impurities such as grease and blood. Dr. J and an expert medical technician use the gentlest possible method to ensure that as much intact fatty tissue will be suitable and can safely be injected into the buttocks. 

The next step is to make small incisions in inconspicuously placed areas, so scars will be as well-hidden as possible. Then, just the right amount of fat is added to the buttocks, allowing the doctor to sculpt a more rounded and attractive backside.


You may have been hearing concerning news coverage about butt lift procedures. It’s important to know, however, that many of these horror stories are related to cut-rate physicians, many of whom may operate outside of the United States and in places where there may be less regulation concerning surgery. It’s important that, whoever you select to perform a procedure, you chose a reputable plastic surgeon who has proven their ability by obtaining board certification. While no surgery is ever without some risk, making sure your physician is competent will vastly decrease the chances of complications, especially the most serious ones.

More specifically, studies that have been conducted in recent years on fat-transfer buttock augmentation procedures have found that the worst problems associated with these procedures are mostly related to how the fat was injected. Though the practice has now been largely eliminated among legitimate doctors, some plastic surgeons and others were sometimes injecting the transferred fat directly into muscles to try and achieve greater size. The problem is that, from the muscles, fat can all too easily find its way to other parts of the body including organs, and cause a life-threatening embolism.

One reason Dr. J maintains his double board certification in general surgery, as well as plastic surgery, is so that he can maximize the safety of his procedures. Patients’ safety always comes first and Dr. J always employs only proven practices that lead to the best and healthiest outcomes. 


Once the mini butt lift is complete, patients typically stay one night at an aftercare facility following their mini Natural Butt Lift®. Dr. J will prescribe a course of antibiotics to prevent complications and pain medication to be taken for several days after the surgery to ensure a safe and comfortable recovery.

Naturally, a patient’s body needs to adjust following a mini NBL® and that will take a little time – though less than it would with the standard NBL®. Among other instructions, patients will be told to avoid sitting directly on their buttocks for a few weeks following the procedure. To help with this, patients can also take advantage of special custom pillows designed to make recovery more comfortable. They will also wear required post-operative compression garments for a few weeks following surgery to facilitate optimal recovery while swelling subsides.

In most cases, patients need to take approximately one week off before returning to work and other normal activities. Over time, of course, they will be able to return to performing all of the things they were doing before surgery, definitely strenuous exercise.


Dr. J firmly believes that plastic surgery is for all types of people. However, obtaining any kind of surgery is always a serious decision and no procedure is for everyone. Some patients may not be good candidates for a mini NBL® for specific reasons. This includes women who have vascular diseases or diabetes, have had certain varicose vein procedures, are in generally poor health, or have unrealistic expectations – although, by its nature, this is a modest though highly effective procedure. When a prospective patient meets with Dr. J, he carefully examines their medical history, has a friendly and thorough discussion, and provides all of the information needed to make an informed choice about a procedure.


If you are interested in learning more about how a mini Natural Butt Lift® or another procedure that, as Dr. J puts it, “looks natural, moves natural, and feels natural” contact us to schedule a consultation today with Dr. J. Feel free to call our offices by phone or electronically.

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