Lip augmentation with injectable facial fillers is the gold standard solution for patients who are concerned that their lips have lost volume due to aging, for those who feel their lips look too uneven, and for those who would simply like a more youthful and sensuous appearance.

Respected Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Payam Jarrah-Nejad, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S., better known as Dr. J, has helped countless people with injectable-based lip augmentation. These treatments improve the appearance of lips by proportionally increasing their size while making them fuller and erasing wrinkles. These non-invasive procedures allow the doctor to painstakingly reshape the appearance of the mouth so that it looks beautiful on its own but, even more important, complements the patient’s entire face.


In most cases, Dr. J employs fillers from the well-known Juvederm or Restylane lines. The primary ingredient in these fillers is hyaluronic acid, a thick substance that is a naturally occurring lubricant found on the inside of our joints. It has numerous moisturizing benefits and is commonplace in cosmetic products. When added to lips, this substance fosters a look that is full and even voluptuous. Used in treatments successfully for decades, research* has shown that hyaluronic acid is highly effective and efficient for lip augmentation.

Lip Augmentation


Since it involves injections in the most sensitive area of the face, it’s easy to see why prospective patients may have concerns about pain. The Dr. J team uses a very effective topical anesthetic and we’re happy to say that we can minimize the very brief discomfort with consistent success. Moreover, since it’s only a topical anesthetic you’ll be able to immediately resume your normal activities once we’re done.


Treatments can be performed during a brief office visit. There is essentially no downtime time and we work hard to minimize any very minor swelling or bruising. Unlike many procedures, results can be seen immediately although it may take a few weeks for the full outcome to appear.


California law permits any physician and most licensed medical professionals to perform lip augmentation. However, there are several excellent reasons for obtaining them from a noted plastic surgeon like Payam Jarrah-Nejad, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S. Dr. J can help to ensure positive outcomes with his great knowledge of the anatomy of the human face and aesthetic expertise.

Dr. J has emerged as a major player in the highly competitive Beverly Hills and Greater Los Angeles plastic surgery scene. He has earned a worldwide following based on online raves from former patients and the often stunning outcomes shown on his online galleries and shared on social media. See our facial rejuvenation page for information on more procedures.

Double-board-certified in both plastic surgery and general surgery, Dr. J is also noted for his kind, caring, and approachable manner. Whether you are new to cosmetic procedures or are shopping around for the best of the best, Dr. J is someone you should get to know.

Lip Augmentation


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Below are before-and-after pictures of the results that Dr. J’s patients have enjoyed. Get in touch today to start living the dream!

* “Hyaluronic Acid Is an Effective Dermal Filler for Lip Augmentation: A Meta-Analysis,” Frontiers in Surgery, László Márk Czumbel, Sándor Farkasdi, Noémi Gede, Alexandra Mikó, Dezső Csupor, Anita Lukács, Valéria Gaál, Szabolcs Kiss, Péter Hegyi, and Gábor Varga. August 2021.

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Lip Augmentation
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