What is a Celebrity Plastic Surgeon?

A celebrity plastic surgeon can be one of two things. They can be a top plastic surgeon who works with very well-known people, or they can be a plastic surgeon who makes so many media appearances they are a celebrity. Dr. J, widely praised as the best plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, may be the former but is definitely not the latter.

Plastic surgery isn’t like other fields – it takes extra effort to become well-known. Celebrities may be happy to endorse their favorite restaurants and help chefs become famous. On the red carpet, most stars credit “who” they’re wearing; it may be obligated with the designer! A celebrity plastic surgeon’s work, however, is much more intimate than making clothes or food for someone; a plastic surgeon changes what we see in the bathroom mirror. Like everyone, celebrities want privacy about these matters.

Concealing the Magic

Show business is mostly about illusion and fantasy. Like a magician not wanting to reveal their tricks, most celebrities hope we think they look the way they do naturally. Adults understand that stage magic isn’t magic in the Harry Potter sense and most of us get that people around age 60 who look like Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise have more than clean living to thank.

Yes, a few celebs are open about their plastic surgeries, whether it’s 28-year-old Doja Cat or 78-year-old living legend Dolly Parton, but they don’t usually give out the names of their doctors and their exact procedures. Doja Cat may share her surgery scars with the public but, as far as we know, she hasn’t shared the name of her plastic surgeon. Dolly has talked with Howard Stern about suggesting her favorite doctors to her friends and fellow celebrities, but she didn’t give out their names!

It’s Better to Be a Plastic Surgeon with Celebrity Patients than a Celebrity Plastic Surgeon

Many years ago, top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. J decided not to spend time courting the media spotlight. He wanted to be able to perform only the best work and he knew that getting PR representation, billing himself as a “celebrity plastic surgeon to the stars,” and doing a lot of interviews and reality show appearances would limit the time and energy he had to devote to his patients.

The years have proven Dr. J right. Concentrating on the work of plastic surgery – considered by many the most demanding of all medical disciplines – paid off for Dr. J’s patients and the reputation of the doctor more formally known as Payam Jarrah-Nejad, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S. The best outcomes and discretion are what most celebrities are looking for and Dr. J has attracted his share of high-profile patients. Ironically, the more of a “celebrity plastic surgeon” he becomes, the more important is his natural discretion.

Patients with Influence

There is one kind of notable, however, who doesn’t mind telling the world about exactly how and where they got their procedures – social media influencers. The former patients who have publicly spoken about their procedures from Dr. J online include mommy blogger Alyssa Fluellen, Shahs of Sunset star Lily Ghalichi, and model-turned-fitness-expert Sarah Stage. Influencers are deeply trusted by their fans; they can only associate themselves with the best plastic surgeons if they want to stay influential.

No Room for Smoke and Mirrors

A show business sage* once said, “Strip away the phony tinsel of Hollywood and you’ll find the real tinsel underneath.” In show business, appearances can be everything. Ironically, while plastic surgeons improve their patients’ appearance, no illusion will attract a savvy clientele. Outcomes are all that matter.

On this site, we talk quite about “the Dr. J Difference.” It goes beyond the amazing outcomes you can see in our many before-and-after galleries. To be specific:

  • Natural Outcomes. The best plastic surgery never announces itself. With breast and buttock augmentation, Dr. J avoids fads and excessive outcomes that look unnaturally large. His mantra when it comes to these procedures is that plastic surgery should result in an outcome that “looks natural, feels natural, and moves natural.”


  • Minimal Visible Scarring. All surgeries involve at least some scars but a skilled plastic surgeon can find ways to minimize their size and hide them where they will be least conspicuous. Dr. J’s near-perfect precision allows him to leave only the smallest incisions and leave only scars and marks that will be virtually invisible after recovery. Even with such powerful procedures as an anchor scar breast lift, the incisions are remarkably inconspicuous.


  • Reducing Downtime and Recovery Periods. J will always use the least invasive approach. This means less downtime and faster recovery. Dr. J’s rapid recovery breast augmentation allows some patients to get back to their usual daily routine in as little as 24 hours in some cases. The technique involves Dr. J using his advanced surgical skills to close blood vessels early or before any bleeding has taken place. This reduces swelling, and post-operative discomfort, and may eliminate the need for post-operative drains and wrapping. A surgical bra may often be sufficient.


  • Breast Reconstruction and Revision Procedures. One of the hardest tasks any plastic surgeon undertakes is fixing complications from prior procedures, including relatively common issues like capsular contracture and cases where inexperienced providers may have done substandard work. Always at the forefront, Dr. J has been a leader in the use of Strattice™, a sort of internal bra (tissue matrix) that has been shown to reduce recurrence of complications and speed recovery.


  • Patient Education and the Personal Touch. While patients rave about their outcomes in five-star reviews on sites like Yelp and RealSelf, they also praise Dr. J for his patience, kindness, and approachable demeanor. They say it makes asking questions, even very intimate ones, easier and the whole process a great deal less stressful and more pleasant. To be happy with a procedure, patients must understand what they should expect after a procedure, so Dr. J ensures his patients fully understand their procedures and what to expect.


  • Double-Board Certification.Whichever doctor you select, it’s essential to only consider a board-certified plastic surgeon. Since certifications need to be renewed periodically, most plastic surgeons choose to maintain their credentials from the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) but allow their earlier certification from the American Board of Surgery (ABS) to lapse. Dr. J has decided to maintain both certifications. He believes this helps ensure that his skills and knowledge are fully up to speed so he can do the best work possible with every procedure.

Everybody is a Star; Everyone Deserves a Celebrity Plastic Surgeon!

If you want the absolute best plastic surgeon you can find, countless patients will assure you that Dr. J is it. At our offices, every patient is a VIP and is treated like one. To learn more about whether a procedure from Dr. J is right for you, just call us at the number on your screen or visit our contact page today.


*Mid-20th-century concert pianist, composer, actor, and writer, Oscar Levant foreshadowed many of today’s celebs in that he was much better known as a media personality than for his work.

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