Gynecomastia Treatment

If you are suffering from the embarrassment and discomfort of being a man with excessively large breasts, then it is quite likely you are interested in seeking gynecomastia treatment. As a leading plastic surgeon, Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad, MD, FICS, FACS understands the issues faced by men who are dealing with this difficult condition as well as the technical aspects of male breast reduction.

Gynecomastia has a number of causes; while many people tend to assume it is simply a part of being overweight, it can be the result of a number of things, including the side effects of various drugs and hormonal issues. Absent any causes other than puberty, it nonetheless occurs with great frequency in adolescent boys, who are then bullied and intimidated by peers all too often. Whatever the cause, stubborn cases of gynecomastia have few treatments aside from a surgical one. As one of the most respected physicians in plastic surgery mecca of Beverly Hills, few plastic surgeons are as skilled as Dr. Jarrah-Nejad in performing gynecomastia surgery.

Gynecomastia treatment can be a delicate operation and you want results that look natural, while also feeling normal. A truly superior plastic surgeon should not only be a superb technician, but a skilled craftsman. Dr. Jarrah-Nejad is both a highly respected surgeon certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. “Dr. J.,” as he is more familiarly known to his patients, is also praised for his ability to resculpt the human body in a natural-looking and attractive fashion.

Patients also appreciate the doctor’s compassionate approach when it comes to discussing difficult issues. Dr. J. understands the problems of patients seeking gynecomastia treatmentand he will outline the issues for you with both clarity and sensitivity.

For information on a consultation with Dr. J., please call (310) 993-3800 or contact us online.

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