Brazilian Butt Lift and the Natural Butt Lift®

For years the Brazilian butt lift has offered women an improved path to a more curvaceous derriere. Now the Natural Butt Lift® offers another major improvement.

What’s Better than a Brazilian Butt Lift in Beverly Hills?

Fat transfer-based buttock augmentation has been the standard for some time. Using the patient’s own body fat has consistently yielded more beautiful results that look and feel more natural than was previously possible. A Brazilian butt lift in Beverly Hills is now standard for Los Angeles area patients, but standards are made to be lifted.

Always ahead of the voluptuous curve, Dr. J., aka Payam Jarrah-Nejad, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S., has been refining and improving the now-standard BBL with his own Natural Butt Lift®. It’s his improvement on the fat transfer approach to buttock augmentation – already a major improvement over older techniques.

Fat Transfer Basics

Dr. J was an early adopter of fat-transfer techniques, noting that they were superior to implant procedures for several reasons. From the start, there was less risk of complications when performed by a competent board-certified plastic surgeon. That is because the fat is taken from the patient’s own body, reducing the risk of infection; at the same time, the chances of rejection are close to nil. Also, using the patient’s body fat allows the doctor to sculpt a derriere that is shapelier, more voluptuous, and very natural to the touch as well as to the eyes.

Finally, fat transfer procedures offer the patient an extra added benefit. That is because the operation necessitates the use of liposuction to remove unwanted fat from elsewhere in the body. In other words, patients can get bigger in places they want to be bigger while reducing the size of other areas.

As Dr. J performed countless iterations of this increasingly popular procedure, he started to make adjustments. Over time, he developed his distinctive version of the BBL he calls the Natural Butt Lift®. By any name, Dr. J’s version of the procedure has consistently thrilled patients. You can see many of the outcomes for yourself and they’re gorgeous. (You can read more about the NBL® itself on this page.)

About Dr. J

Dr. J is widely regarded as one of the most talented plastic surgeons working and attracts patients from nations all over the world. Double-board-certified, he has been the talk of social media, receiving praise from numerous delighted former patients. Naturally, they talk about how much they love their outcomes, but that’s not the whole story. Dr. J prides himself on his ability to communicate with patients so they have a realistic idea of what can be achieved – a strong predictor of how happy patients will be with their work over the long term.

What Happens During a Natural Butt Lift®?

The basics of the procedure are relatively simple. In most cases, Dr. J will liposuction fat from the back, stomach, or thighs, purify it, and then re-inject small amounts into the buttocks in highly strategic amounts and locations. With extremely rare exceptions, no touch-ups will be needed for Dr. J’s improved Brazilian butt lift.

What to Expect During an NBL®  Recovery

For about three weeks after the operation, you should avoid sitting directly on your buttocks. You can usually resume non-strenuous work after two weeks and resume all other normal activities within four weeks.

Dr. J is known for his ability to ensure that recovery times are not a day longer than necessary. While buttock lift procedures generally require about two weeks off from work and a month off from strenuous activities, other procedures often have speedier recovery times. Regardless, you can be sure that the doctor will do his best to take up as little of your precious time as possible.

A Leading Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, Dr. J is widely known as among the very best plastic surgeons in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Few metropolitan areas on Planet Earth play host to more plastic surgeons, but Dr. J has managed to set himself apart from the pack with a combination of medical acumen, sensitivity to the needs of patients, and the touch of an artist.

Dr. J believes that’s largely because he treats each patient as a genuine individual. Aside from his skill and medical knowledge, he always carefully considers the specific concerns of each patient. With Dr. J, you’ll get the best possible treatment for you.

Not everyone is a candidate for every procedure, but if you are interested in a butt lift, breast augmentation, or procedures ranging from facelifts and rhinoplasty to tummy tucks and liposuction, your best next move is to schedule a consultation with Dr. J. For further information please call (310) 993-3800. You can also visit Dr. J’s contact page to inquire online.

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