Butt Lift

If you’ve looked at photos of Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce taken from behind, and experienced envy at the proportions of their posteriors, then you’ve probably considered a butt lift, at least for a moment. These days, gluteoplasty (aka the Brazilian butt lift) has rapidly shot up in popularity, as the standard for beauty has returned to a curvier, more voluptuous body shape. The beanpole body so frequently criticized in the media is less prevalent, much to the delight of women lucky enough to be born with the genes for a naturally ample behind. Dr. J is one of the leading plastic surgeons in Los Angeles where the butt lift is concerned.

Dr. J’s Brazilian butt lift is a procedure for lifting fat from areas where it has collected, and implanting it in the buttocks. Whether the procedure truly originated in Brazil is immaterial when the important issue is what a spectacular result the Dr. J’s butt lift achieves, not just a sensually enhanced butt, but increased “hourglass” proportions with noticeably smaller waist measurements to go alone with the larger and shapelier butt. This means whether viewed from directly behind, or in profile, your body shape will be noticeably improved.

But the brazilian buttock lift isn’t just great for improving the shape of women born with less than their share of gluteal shape. As time passes, the smooth unbroken curve of your youthful buttocks might have become flatter or flabbier. Fat implants or fat injection aren’t the only techniques involved in improving and enhancing buttocks. Dr. J has pioneered many methods for restoring areas that have gone flat, or taken on a deflated appearance. A buttock augmentation to restore you to your younger self is just what the Doctor ordered.

Butt Lift

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