Brazilian Buttock Lift

The Brazilian buttock lift has become one of the most popular techniques available for helping patients to achieve a more shapely and appealing posterior. Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad, MD, FICS, FACS is one of the most respected plastic surgeons in greater Los Angeles and an acknowledged master of crafting better looking backsides for countless patients via the Brazilian buttock lift.

Known affectionately to his patients and colleagues as “Dr. J.,” the respected double-board certified plastic surgeon uses his considerable sculptural abilities to remove unwanted fat and excess skin to sculpt a far better looking derriere. Dr. J.’s ability to improve the appearance of the buttocks, using the Brazilian method and other surgical practices, has been praised effusively by patients and colleagues. Patients have also expressed gratitude for his sensitive and compassionate approach.

Of course, the Brazilian buttock lift is a complex technique involving many different aspects. Importantly, buttocks injections of fat from elsewhere in the body are central to the sculptural process. Other types of buttock injections that use such nonorganic compounds as silicon are eschewed by Dr. J. While these procedures are still being used in some practices, Dr. J. prefers a more natural approach; it’s a key aspect of his strategy for improving the appearance of the buttocks and getting the most out of a Brazilian butt lift. He is also noted for his ability to provide patients with speedier recovery times.

For further information on cosmetic surgery and answers to such questions as “How much are buttock injections?,” please contact Dr. J. and his outstanding staff for a consultation.

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