Breast Reduction Surgery

While breast augmentation and breast implants may get most of the attention, breast reduction surgery is nevertheless one of the most commonly performed types of plastic surgery currently offered in the practice of Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad, known affectionately to his client and colleagues as “Dr. J.” Although breast reductions are not as widely publicized as other types of breast surgery, the reasons patients often chose this procedure are very clear.

While it’s true that our society may often prize ample bosoms, the fact of the matter is that excessively large breasts can lead to back pain, nerve problems, skin conditions, emotional issues and numerous other difficulties. Very large breasts can also get in the way of exercise and other healthy activities. Moreover, as a strictly aesthetic matter, somewhat smaller breasts in women may be seen by many as an improvement. Moreover, a large and growing number of men are experiencing the embarrassment and discomfort of gynecomastia – excessive breast size in males.

One of the most respected plastic surgeons in greater Los Angeles, Dr. J. is a highly experienced practitioner of breast reduction surgery. Both male and female patients are frequently able to undergo the procedure on an outpatient basis or after an extremely brief hospital stay. Prized by his patients for his understanding and sensitive approach to delicate matters as well as for his surgical skill, Dr. J. is able to guide his patients through the process of breast reduction surgery with a maximum of understanding and a minimum of difficulty.

Also known for his rapid breast augmentation recovery, Dr. J. is happy to schedule consultations with serious patients. If you are interested in discussing breast reduction or any other type of plastic surgery, contact Dr. J. today.

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