Lipo 360 with a Touch of Genius

The great sculptor Auguste Rodin said, “The human body is first and foremost a mirror to the soul, and its greatest beauty comes from that.” It’s only natural to want to present your soul in the best light possible so many of us turn to liposuction and lipocontouring to complete what a healthy and active lifestyle can’t finish. Sometimes, however, working on one or two problem areas like the belly, neck, or the sides of the waist (aka love handles) isn’t sufficient. Lipo 360, as it’s most popularly known, takes a more comprehensive approach and is one of our most frequent procedures at the Beverly Hills offices of Dr. J Plastic Surgery.

What is Lipo 360?

Lipo 360, also known as circumferential liposuction, involves comprehensive liposuction around the torso/waist area. The procedure may include the full abdomen, flanks (love handles), lower back, and sometimes the bra roll – i.e., “360” degrees. When performed by superb plastic surgeons, the sum of the many areas contoured with liposuction becomes much greater than the sum of the parts, creating a beautiful, seamless visual harmony. When a top-tier plastic surgeon performs Lipo 360, friends and family who don’t know about the procedure will most likely assume that a patient has lost a little weight and maybe toughened up their workout regimen.

The Dr. J Difference

When considering a procedure like Lipo 360, selecting a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon is everything. As of February 2024, RealSelf lists roughly 500 board-certified plastic surgeons working in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area. At least in theory, all these doctors should be able to perform work safely and with acceptable outcomes. So, why do so many patients come from throughout Southern California and around the world to be treated specifically by Dr. J for their liposuction procedures? Part of it is the consistent five-star rave reviews Dr. J garners on both RealSelf and Yelp, but there’s much more.

The idea of Lipo 360 might be easy to understand, but it involves a level of aesthetic difficulty that can overwhelm otherwise qualified plastic surgeons. More formally known as Payam Jarrah-Nejad, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S., Dr. J has attracted a worldwide following as a surgeon for his complete mastery of the art and science of plastic surgery. Patients and experts praise his carefully thought-out approach to every aspect of a liposculpting procedure, ensuring that fat is removed in just the right way to create a beautiful whole. The result is patients who look more beautiful from head to toe and back to front.

To get an idea of what Dr. J can achieve with this type of procedure, please see his lipocontouring/Lipo 360 gallery.

Extra Care for Extra Beauty and Greater Safety

Dr. J takes the smallest details of every procedure extremely seriously, doing everything possible to improve outcomes and ensure patient safety. A case in point is his handling of the removed body fat in cases where patients may be combining it with fat-transfer procedures, most often Dr. J’s Natural Butt Lift® (NBL®).1

One of the factors that set an NBL® apart from an ordinary BBL is Dr. J’s extreme care in handling fat cells taken during Lipo 360 that he will later use during augmentation surgery. While it is always necessary to remove impurities, there is no set procedure, and different plastic surgeons tend to handle this crucial step in differing ways. Dr. J takes exceptional care to ensure that cells remain healthy and viable for use in augmentation. A hand-picked expert medical technician handles the purification while Dr. J supervises to ensure fat cells are handled in the gentlest manner possible. This means that more fat cells should be available to give Dr. J maximum ability to use the liposuctioned fat for a more beautiful NBL® to accompany a breathtaking Lipo 360!

Patients Come First

Dr. J knows that a patient needs not only realistic expectations of their results but should also know what to expect during the recovery process. Patient education begins with the first consultation and continues after a patient leaves Dr. J’s Platinum Surgical Center.

While 360 Lipo procedures on their own are less invasive than other plastic surgeries, there is a recovery period as most patients should rest for several days following their procedure and refrain from exercise. They can typically engage in more strenuous activity within about four weeks of the procedure. Naturally, if the patient wants to combine Lipo 360 with an NBL® (Natural Butt Lift®), the recovery time will include managing the fat grafts (fat transfer).

In all cases, Dr. J and his team will follow up to ensure the healing process is going smoothly and patients are handling such standard post-operative side effects as swelling, bruising, and short short-lived minor pain; this is handled with OTC pain medication and other paid meds prescribed for use as needed. Former patients often praise the compassionate and friendly approach of Dr. J and his team at this stage of the process and all along their entire surgical journey.

Maximum Peace of Mind with a Double-Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Whatever doctor a patient ultimately chooses for a Lipo 360 or any other procedure, it is essential that they only consider board-certified plastic surgeons. This typically means doctors have first obtained their medical degree and been board-certified in general surgery by the American Board of Surgery (ABS). After that, they continue their training for at least two additional years.

Once doctors have obtained their plastic surgery degree, the next step is the rigorous certification process of the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). To establish that surgeons have stayed up to date in terms of knowledge and techniques, plastic surgeons must renew their certifications every 10 years. Most plastic surgeons keep up the ABPS certification but allow their earlier American Board of Surgery (ABS) certification in general surgery to lapse.2

Dr. J has decided to keep up both certifications, which he feels allows him to have the full range of skills and knowledge sharp – and therefore to do his absolute best work. It’s one more reason that Dr. J has stood out in the highly competitive realm of plastic surgery in the LA area.

360 Liposuction with a Leader in Plastic Surgery

If you are seriously considering Lipo 360 or any other procedure, why not reach out to the finest plastic surgeon available? Call Dr. J Plastic Surgery at our Beverly Hills office at the phone number on your screen, or email us at our contact page.


1 An NBL® is Dr. J’s proprietary refinement of a standard Brazilian butt lift (BBL).

2 Cosmetic surgeons are different from plastic surgeons. They only need their M.D. degree in general surgery to legally practice. Many only take one or two additional classes before hanging out their shingle as cosmetic surgeons.

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