Best Plastic Surgeons in Beverly Hills

When people say that Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad is easily among the very best plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, they are really saying something. The entire city of Beverly Hills is only 5.7 square miles and has a population of fewer than 35,000 – a small fraction of the nearly 10 million people living in Los Angeles County. Nevertheless, within its confines are, very likely, more plastic surgeons than any other city on earth. Of course, when past clients and colleagues also acknowledge that Dr. J. – as he is familiarly known to many patients and colleagues – is also easily among the best plastic surgeons in Los Angeles County – that is saying even more as it is one of the nation’s largest counties and such areas as Santa Monica, the Westside, and the San Fernando Valley also play host to countless plastic surgeons.

As a double-board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. J. is clearly an extremely skilled physician, but there is more to delivering the best Brazilian butt lift, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, or mommy makeover than vast technical knowledge and physical dexterity. Being the best rhinoplasty surgeon, for example, calls not only for a thorough knowledge of the inner works of the nose – an important sensory organ as well as the most prominent single feature on the human face – but a strong aesthetic and sculptural sense so as to craft the most pleasing possible “new” nose that is in visual harmony with the rest of the face. Whatever part of the body you are working on, being one of the best plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills requires the brilliance of a world-class scientist and the artistic instincts of a great sculptor. Also able to reduce recovery times to a minimum, most any of Dr. J.’s grateful patients will gladly acknowledge he is among the most skilled, and most sensitive and compassionate, of all Southern California physicians.

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