Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Payam Jarrah-Nejad, M.D., F.A.C.S. is an acclaimed, double board certified plastic surgeon who is regarded by many as Southern California’s best rhinoplasty surgeon. A top name in Beverly Hills plastic surgery, Dr. Jarrah-Nejad has been praised for achieving stunning results with the procedure popularly known as a “nose job” – while also minimizing post-operative recovery times.

Known more familiarly to his patients as “Dr. J.,” the doctor believes that the secret to being acknowledged as one of the best plastic surgeons in Los Angeles is about having the kind of outstanding technical skills required to produce the desired outcomes as a surgeon. In addition, the best plastic surgeon also requires the sculptural and creative sense of a fine artist or craftsperson. Dr. J. has received consistent praise from a growing roster of grateful former patients who attest to his ability to reshape the nose in harmony with the patient’s overall facial structure to create the most pleasing overall effect.

At the same time, being a premier rhinoplasty surgeon requires a great deal of medical knowledge and experience. Plastic surgery on the nose involves the delicate internal structures of the nose, the lymphatic system, nerves, as well as the bony anatomy of the nose. Being the absolute best rhinoplasty surgeon in the greater Los Angeles area – easily one of the world’s most highly competitive markets for plastic surgery – requires a gigantic level of mastery of all aspects of the process and a level of aesthetic sensitivity possessed by relatively few. Dr. J.’s track record of success and the level of praise he has achieved both from patients and colleagues speaks for itself.

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