Nose Plastic Surgery

Of all the types of cosmetic surgery, nose plastic surgery is easily one of the most common. An outstanding cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad can be a huge help in determining whether or not you are a candidate for rhinoplasty, the more technical name for what most people call a “nose job” or nose plastic surgery. Dr. Jarrah-Nejad is an extremely knowledgeable physician who can help patients determine whether or not this kind of surgery is right for them and, if so, which of the available procedures will suit them best.

Corrective procedures could be surgical or non-surgical.  In fact, some cosmetic corrections may be performed without surgery, with only cosmetic injectionables. Aside from cosmetic factors, many times such significant health issues as deviated septums may be treated with the services of a plastic surgeon as well.  Also, plastic surgery may be required in the wake of a trauma, such as a broken nose.

Affectionately called “Dr. J.” by his many grateful patients, Dr. Jarrah-Nejad is a double board certified plastic surgeon who is known both for his considerable skill as a surgical technician and for his artistry in improving the appearance of his clients through whichever techniques are most appropriate. Expert in a plethora of complex procedures, including revision rhinoplasty, or corrective nose plastic surgery, in which the unacceptable results of procedures executed by other surgeons may be corrected, Dr. J. is one of the best information resources available.  Known for his sensitivity and his ability to improve and sometimes shorten the process of rhinoplasty recovery, Dr. J. is an acknowledged master surgeon and one of the most respected figures in the very busy world of plastic surgery in Beverly Hills. He is often praised for the seamless, natural look of the procedures he performs. 

Dr. J. is a master of both closed rhinoplasty, where there is no incision made outside the nose, and where necessary, open rhinoplasty.  The doctor is highly experienced at correcting deformities which are the result of injury to the nose correcting both medically necessary functional issues and cosmetic problems in one surgery. As part of his humanitarian work, he has been invited to perform rhinoplasties in other countries to help patients who have had significant deformities.

For more information about all aspects of rose plastic surgery, from recovery to the cost of rhinoplasty, please contact Dr. J. and his staff for a consultation.

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