Revision Rhinoplasty

As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. J has been offering rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills for many years. He is sometimes called upon to perform revision rhinoplasty, or secondary rhinoplasty, for a patient that has undergone a botched primary rhinoplasty somewhere else. There are few plastic surgery procedures as complicated and demanding as revision rhinoplasty. In many cases, a failed primary rhinoplasty surgery can result in severely depleted cartilage in the nasal septum. In such cases, the surgeon performing revision rhinoplasty may have to use grafts from the ear or rib. This requires a delicate, precise touch, but Dr. J has demonstrated a proven track record of success with this specialized procedure. He is known for his subtle aesthetic sensibilities and his meticulous, exacting approach to sculpting a patient’s nose to blend harmoniously with the larger facial structure.

You can usually go home the same day as the revision rhinoplasty procedure, though you should be accompanied by a friend or family member. The rhinoplasty recovery period typically takes two to three weeks, but bruising usually fades within about ten days, and you can return to work after approximately one week. You should avoid strenuous activity for about one to two months, so as to avoid any trauma to your nose while it heals.

If you have any questions about the cost of rhinoplasty, or the revision rhinoplasty procedure itself, contact Dr. J’s offices for a consultation. Dr. J believes strongly in establishing an open dialogue with patients from the outset, ensuring that the two of you can work together to arrive at a solution that works best for you and your personal goals.

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