Male Breast

Men, more than ever, are turning to plastic surgery for self-esteem boosting male breast reduction. Large breasts in men, also known as gynecomastia, cause men to be incredibly self-conscious about their appearance both in and out of clothes. Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad, MD, FICS, FACS wants men who are worried about an abundance of male breast tissue to know that they no longer have to stress about their appearance. His perfected techniques for male breast reduction make this an incredibly minimally invasive surgery.

The procedure itself can entail many different techniques. Liposuction can be performed when there’s an abundance of fatty tissue in the chest, whereas male breast tissue can be gently removed for added removal of volume. Reducing the size of the nipple and areola may be desired, depending on the anticipated aesthetic outcome. Dr. J’s well-trained eye means that he structures a male chest that is incredibly natural looking.

Dr. J believes that patients undergoing male breast procedures are some of the happiest with their results. The ones who were bullies throughout high school are so thankful for the life-changing results that they’ve had. The mental energy exerted worrying about the appearance of their breasts simply melts off these men and they can do many activities that they were previously too anxious to do before (such as going to the beach, working out shirtless, etc.). Plus, men who get gynecomastia surgery from Dr. J are pleased with the aesthetic edge he brings to the procedure. Dr. J understands proportion and what is visually pleasing; your male breast operation will reflect the delicate yet meticulous touch he practices. Frequently, men come in for a gynecomastia and choose to have a complete masculine body contouring procedure, which is a low-cost, short surgery with very minimal recovery time.

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