Gynecomastia Surgery Cost

If you are a male suffering from persistently enlarged breasts, then it’s only natural that you should wonder about gynecomastia surgery cost. Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad is an outstanding resource to consult if you are a man contemplating breast reduction surgery. Dr. Jarrah-Nejad is a highly skilled, double-board certified plastic surgeon who fully understands the ins-and-outs of gynecomastia surgery in all its aspects.

Gynecomastia is often assumed to be nothing more than a side effect of being overweight, but the truth of the matter is that the abnormal enlargement of the male breast may be a glandular condition with a hormonal basis. Causes include everything from drug side effects to adolescence. In most cases, however, the precise cause is unknown.

While many gynecomastia cases subside on their own, many can be extremely stubborn. Aside from the lack of confidence and embarrassment caused by the condition, it can also be extremely uncomfortable. Even so, many insurance companies refuse to bear any gynecomastia surgery cost, though some will occasionally pay for surgery if they can be persuaded the procedure has a strictly medical, and not cosmetic, basis.  Gynecomastia surgery is often simply liposuction, or liposuction with the removal of breast tissue and/or skin. 

The good news is that, even when insurance does not pay for the procedure, male breast reduction surgery is within the reach of most patients. Efficiently organized plastic surgery practices with highly experienced staffs like Dr. J.’s are able to keep the surgery times, recovery times, and costs at a minimum.  Gynecomastia surgery cost is rarely the determining factor in whether or not men chose to have the surgery. 

Indeed, considering the self-esteem and confidence gained after the surgery, most patients consider the costs to be extremely reasonable.  The results are immediately visible with minimal downtime.  Many procedures can be performed under local anesthesia while patients are fully awake and even having a conversation with the surgeon and staff. 

To find out more about the surgery and have a serious conversation about gynecomastia surgery with Dr. Jarrah-Nejad, please contact his office for a consultation.

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