What is Liposuction

While the concept of liposuction is prevalent in popular culture, and frequently mentioned in music movies and TV, the question of precisely what is liposuction persists. Most patients know that it pertains to the removal of fat from the human body by some kind of suction, but precisely what the limits, advantages and disadvantages are of liposuction are less well-known. Patients considering surgery for the removal of fat should be aware of these, especially since its weight loss applications, while well-documented come with important considerations. Conversely, positive effects not pertaining to weight loss ought to be better known.

What is liposuction? Simply put, liposuction is the insertion of a tube-shaped instrument called a cannula, attached to a suctione machine called an aspirator. Precisely the nature of the fat removal varies based on amount, area, and whether fat is going to be re-injected.

Asking what is liposuction should quickly be followed by asking what liposuction is not. Liposuction should never be your first line of defense against obesity. Since the removal of fat through liposuction is a surgical procedure, although a safe and relatively non-invasive one, steps should be taken to reduce its sudden impact. Ideally, a patient who gets liposuction should be physically fit with pockets of fat near the surface of the skin.

While any licensed physician can legally perform liposuction, you should only trust an excellent plastic surgeon, known to be a skilled liposuction doctor. Not only does this ensure safety and more aesthetically pleasing results, but an expert like Dr. J can advise you about other procedures that can be combined with liposuction in Beverly Hills. Your liposuction procedure might be part of a mommy makeover, an anti-wrinkle treatment, or a buttock enhancement. Contact Dr. J for a consultation, to learn all about the options available to you when you get liposuction.


What is Liposuction

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