What is a Mommy Makeover

The answer to the question, “What is a mommy makeover?” is that it is a series of plastic surgery techniques to regain lost body shape after a mother’s bundle of joy arrives. Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad, known affectionately to his patients as “Dr. J,” is one of the most respected names in Beverly Hills plastic surgeryand an expert practitioner of all phases of the mommy makeover in Beverly Hills has performed this set of procedures on countless number of mothers with remarkable success.

mommy makeover usually includes abdominoplasty, more popularly known as a tummy tuck. This procedure removes not only excess sagging skin and fat over the tummy but also tightens the loosened and separated muscles. Dr. J is renowned for his artistry and ability to use his skills to complement a woman’s physique. The tummy tuck is the foremost popular element of mommy makeover surgery, also often accompanied by body contouring.

Another part of the answer to the question “What is a mommy makeover?” is the breast lift. For obvious reasons, lactation and breast feeding can have a dramatic impact on the shape and size of breasts as well as the position of the nipple. A lift can restore the youthful appearance of the breasts. Many of Dr. J’s patients also chose to obtain breast augmentation at the same time for fuller, more feminine breasts.

Finally, answering the question, “What is a mommy makeover?” must include some discussion of the skin. The motherhood process can certainly leave its share of new wrinkles on a woman’s skin. That’s why a mommy-makeover can also include Botox rejuvenation and such popular facial fillers as Juvederm or fat injections derived from the mother’s own unwanted fat.

Dr. J is one of the most respected practitioners of the mommy makeover in Southern California. He is known for a compassionate approach and the touch of a true artist. There are few better choices for post-pregnancy cosmetic surgery.

Dr. J is renowned for his ability to perform work that takes in the unique appearance and personality of each of his patients, which makes him perhaps Southern California’s best option for mommy makeover plastic surgery. For a consultation, please contact Dr. J’s office.

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