Rhinoplasty Los Angeles

L.A. is a city where appearances matter and rhinoplasty in Los Angeles has been around so long here that it might be almost be considered an ancient art. Still, like all art forms, it continues to evolve. Today’s rhinoplasty is vastly improved over what even the best known movie stars of old might have experienced.

Indeed, with a skilled, double-board certified cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad, patients can expect the finest treatment available.  He is known for results that are both natural looking and highly refined. In consultation with his patients, Dr. Jarrah-Nejad customizes rhinoplasty so that your “new” nose is tailored to your ethnicity, anatomy, and your aesthetic concerns and desires.  In the case of cosmetic surgery on the human nose, the smallest touch can make significant difference in appearance.

A leader in reducing rhinoplasty recovery times, Dr. J., as he is more familiarly known, is both a skilled technician who is well practiced in the latest techniques and blessed with the touch of an artist. Keeping up with the best practitioners of rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills requires an extremely high degree of skill and Dr. J. is routinely mentioned among the finest practitioners of rhinoplasty in Los Angeles.

Aside from his outstanding and hard-earned reputation, Dr. J. is also prized by his patients for his sensitivity and concern both prior to surgery and during the recovery period following surgery. Among the many practitioners of rhinoplasty in Los Angeles, he is known for being among the most communicative and sincerely involved of any currently working. Dr. J. receives many referrals from other plastic surgeons, who request his assistance for revisions or on unusually complex cases. All procedures are performed at a fully accredited surgery center and patients routinely return home the same day. (No packing required!). Bruising and swelling is kept at a minimum.

Dr. J. is highly experienced in all forms of cosmetic surgery and he is one of the best resources on the topic of rhinoplasty there is. He is able to provide up to date information on leading edge procedures, including ethnic rhinoplasty, which seeks to improve the appearance of noses without altering the essential ethnic character of the patient. For further information about all your surgical options, please contact Dr. J. and his staff for a consultation.

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