Radiesse Beverly Hills

The popularity of facial fillers is growing throughout the country, but few doctor’s offices in the U.S. offer so many options for facial rejuvenation as those available in the famed zip code of 90210. Although Dr. J. prefers to use fat transfer in select patients where possible, Radiesse in Beverly Hills may be useful in many instances. Radiesse is a complex chemical formulation which can have a similar effect to fat transfer in that actually encourages the growth of natural collagen within the face.

Clearly, you need the help of a skilled physician to make an intelligent decision about whether fat transfer, Radiesse, or some other procedure, is the correct choice for you. Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad, more familiarly known to his patents as “Dr. J.,” is one of the most well regarded and highly qualified doctors in the Southern California plastic surgery mecca he calls home. He can help you figure out which treatment most precisely suits your very particular situation.

Radiesse in Beverly Hills is, after all, just one of a number of surgical and non-surgical procedures that are now available to reduce wrinkles and sagging. Juvederm in Beverly Hills is also popular and extremely useful in many instances. Dr. J. is, of course, highly experienced at fat transfer in Beverly Hills and Resytlane is another very popular and extremely useful option.

Dr. J. understands all the potential uses of these products. Aside from its use against wrinkles, for example, Radiesse can combat the facial wasting that sometimes accompanies HIV and other illnesses; Restylane in Beverly Hills is often used to enhance the fullness of lips; and so on. A double-board certified plastic surgeon and one of the most respected members of the greater Los Angeles medical community, talking to Dr. J. should be one of your first steps when considering the panoply of available facial rejuvenation options.

For further information on how to use Radiesse Beverly Hills, please contact Dr. J’s office today.

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