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You might not be familiar with the term “otoplasty,” but cosmetic ear surgery has become increasingly common in recent years, both for younger patients and adults. As one of the top surgeons in greater Los Angeles, cosmetic plastic surgeon, Payam Jarrah-Nejad, MD, FICS, FACS very often performs otoplasty in Beverly Hills. A double-board certified plastic surgeon; he has been praised by countless patients for his outstanding outcomes as well as his sensitivity in dealing with both children and adults.

While many of the issues ear surgery deals with may be seen by some as minor or something a child will eventually “grow out of,” the social pressures facing young children especially should not be taken too lightly. The sad fact of the matter is that many children are bullied just because of their ears and bullying can be a very serious matter. Since this is something that can be easily corrected, a great many parents whose children have ears that appear too large or too far away from the head chose to take the surgical root to protect their children from an unnecessarily painful childhood and adolescence.

Moreover, parents and clinicians say bullying has become more intense in recent years because of the Internet and social media sites like Facebook. ABC News and “Good Morning America,” however, have been covering a number of success stories of bullied children and young teens who have successfully improved their appearance and deprived bullies of potential victims.

The most commonly performed procedure for ears that are far from the head, “ear pinning” is a long-performed surgery with roots going back to the late 19thcentury. In some cases, it involves removing a piece of cartilage; in other cases the folds of the ears are reshaped. Sometimes both procedures are used. In all cases, the incision is completely behind the ear and therefore any minor scarring is completely inconspicuous. Other types of otoplasty can correct both major and minor deformities of the ear and ear lobe. The procedure is often performed successfully on adults as well as young people.

Dr. Jarrah-Nejad, affectionately known as “Dr. J.,” to patients and colleagues of all ages has performed ear surgery on numerous patients. He has been praised for his consistently successful outcomes and for also having the touch of an artist in terms of getting the most attractive and natural looking results possible on ears of all ages.

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