Brow Lift

In the hard fought battle to reduce wrinkling and sagging of the forehead, a brow lift from Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad is extremely likely to produce the best possible results, especially when combined with other facial procedures. Include a brow lift with your face or face-and-neck lift, or even add it to a complete facial rejuvenation, which includes all of these, plus eyelid surgery.

Countless patients have delightedly pointed to a dramatically improved appearance after having the surgery performed. At the same time, patients looking for alternatives to a full-blown surgical approach have also found themselves with a suddenly far healthier and younger looking forehead.

A brow lift, like the very similar face lift surgery, is among the oldest types of cosmetic surgery – the procedure was first performed in 1910 – and so, every day, the procedure is performed countless times. That’s particularly true in the plastic surgery capital of Beverly Hills, where “Dr. J.,” as he is affectionately known to both patients and colleagues, is one of the most respected and busiest of practitioners.

While Dr. J. has enjoyed consistent success performing traditional facial plastic surgery, , select patients can also benefit from a non-surgical brow lift. In these instances, fat from elsewhere in the body is injected into the forehead. The result is a smoother appearance and the added fat can also have a rejuvenating impact on the actual skin of the forehead as well.

Dr. J. has performed innumerable procedures and remains one of the most in-demand of cosmetic surgery practitioners in Southern California. A double-board certified plastic surgeon, he has been praised by numerous patients for his skill and artistry at countless procedures, ranging from brow lifts to breast augmentation and much more. If you are seeking a brow lift or a face lift in Beverly Hills, he just may be the best choice there is.

To find out about a consultation with Dr. J., please contact us or call (310) 993-3800.

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