What Makes the Dr. J Difference?

Many people who look at Dr. J’s stunning online galleries first may feel a bit of a letdown when they look at sites that belong to other plastic surgeons. While there are countless plastic surgeons in the Greater Los Angeles area, finding doctors who consistently produce the kind of results patients dream of can be a challenge. The best of the best are rarely easy to find.

But just how do special talents like Dr. J obtain the skills needed to achieve the extraordinary? It’s not an easy question to answer but it’s worth looking at the early career of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad to get an idea of how world-class plastic surgeons are made.

Proven Mastery of Plastic Surgery

The training of plastic surgeons takes a minimum of seven years. After graduating from medical school, completing their two-year residency, and then obtaining their medical license, young surgeons will typically obtain board certification in general surgery from the ABS (American Board of Surgery). If they intend to become plastic surgeons, as opposed to general surgeons, they must then complete an additional three years or residency before they can call themselves plastic surgeons.

The next step is board certification by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). This process involves passing several intensive written and oral exams as well as working for at least one year in plastic surgery. Once plastic surgeons have completed all of the necessary steps and pass all of their tests, they are certified by the ASPS.

As their careers continue, board-certified plastic surgeons are required to periodically renew their certification from the ASPS but most allow their ABS general surgery certification to lapse over time. Dr. J has chosen to maintain both certifications. He feels that maintaining the additional certification helps him ensure that he is ready to perform the best work possible. Much as a great artist or musician must have a complete mastery of the basics of art and music before doing their most creative work, Dr. J feels that the discipline required to be double board certified ensures that he is always ready to do his very best for his patients.

Mastery of Aesthetics

Although what is attractive and what is not are subjective matters, a strong sense of aesthetics as perceived by most people is needed to perform the quality of work that consistently delights patients. As with any art or craft, a great deal of experience is needed to hone a plastic surgeon’s aesthetic sensibility. At the same time, there is what some call the X Factor – that indefinable difference that makes some doctors’ work more appealing to most people’s eyes than others.

Some doctors can spend long careers producing work that is adequate but which may not produce the most attractive outcomes. Others will improve greatly with experience. Some, start at a very high level and then stay that way or become even better. Patients agree that Dr. J is in that last category.

How Does Dr. J Approach his Work?

Whether the procedure is a faceliftrhinoplastybreast augmentation, a butt lift, or a collection of procedures like a mommy makeover, Dr. J takes a holistic view at all times. This means that the goal is never just to make a particular area of the body more attractive but to flatter a patient’s head-to-toe appearance. Dr. J’s patients regularly rave on sites like Yelp and RealSelf about how much better they feel about their overall appearance even after a surgery that may address only one part of the body.

Patient Education

The most important part of any plastic surgeon’s work is ensuring that patients experience results that make them feel and look their best. Studies show that having realistic expectations is one of the most important predictors of whether or not patients are ultimately satisfied with their procedures.

Dr. J is committed to patient education and makes sure his patients are mentally prepared for what’s to come. Over the years, patient testimonials have documented that patients find him friendly and approachable as well as being an outstanding communicator who makes their procedures easy to understand. They agree that their expectations are typically met and are often surpassed.

In return, Dr. J says that he is constantly learning from what his patients say to him. Understanding his patients, he says, helps him to understand how to design the procedure to produce results they will love.

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