Thigh Lift in Beverly Hills

Thighplasty, or thigh lift, is an extremely effective procedure that serves to reverse the loss of your skin’s elasticity in the thighs, hips and buttocks. When all is said and done, Dr. J’s precise and meticulous handiwork will result in a more shapely contour and enhanced look to the skin that still looks very natural. He is highly sought-after for his experience and expertise with the thigh lift in Beverly Hills.

How a Thigh Lift Works

To lift the inner thighs, Dr. J makes small incisions from back part of the thigh or groin crease to the buttock crease. In separate procedures, he may perform a lateral or anterior thigh lift. Before any surgery is performed, Dr. J will sit down with you and go over the entire process in detail. He encourages an open dialogue with his patients when it comes the thigh lift in Beverly Hills, and only in consultation with you will he suggest the best way to proceed. This is an increasingly popular, common, and safe procedure, but Dr. J will outline all the potential benefits and risks. You should expect nothing less from a responsible Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

Thigh Lift Recovery

After the operation, there will be some swelling and discomfort. A compression garment can mitigate swelling and prescription medication is usually sufficient for smaller thigh lifts. For more complex procedures, a couple of nights in a hospital after surgery may be necessary for pain injections.

To learn more about the thigh lift in Beverly Hills, contact our office to set up a consultation.

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