Strattice™ and Breast Reconstruction Q&A

How effective is Strattice™ at preventing capsular contracture recurrence after breast reconstruction and revision procedures?

Strattice™ notably reduces the number of capsular contracture recurrences among breast reconstruction and revision patients. Dr. J and countless other plastic surgeons have seen the impact on an anecdotal basis. Numerous scientific studies also confirm this, including a seminal 2012 report from the journal, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

How does Strattice™ make capsular contracture recurrence less likely?

The mechanism is not yet fully understood. However, the dermal matrix – a sort of internal bra made from specially processed porcine tissue — appears to prevent capsule formation in areas where there is a higher chance of the capsule becoming too tight.

What other issues can Strattice™ help to prevent?

Strattice™ can reduce the likelihood of symmastia, a condition in which the breasts grow too close together. It can also lessen the risk of the breasts dropping too low.

How does Strattice™ compare with its competition?

The only comparable RTM (reconstructive tissue matrix) is made from donated human tissue and it is widely used. However, the consensus is that Strattice™ is stronger and therefore a better fit for breast reconstruction procedures.

Can Strattice™ help my reconstruction outcomes look better? 

Yes. It makes it easier for Dr. J to place implants in the most flattering possible positions. It similarly helps him create an internal bra by allowing him to reinforce the inframammary fold and strengthen tissue. Additionally, Strattice™ provides more coverage of the implants and reduces the chances of implant ripples and wrinkles. The result is a more attractive outcome.

Does Strattice™ have other uses?

As one of the most widely used dermal matrices, it is a popular alternative to standard surgical mesh for hernia repair.

I’m interested in breast reconstruction with Strattice™. What now?

If you are ready to deal with a breast augmentation that you’re unhappy with due to capsular contracture, double bubble, waterfall deformity, irregularity or other issues, the first thing to do is to find a truly qualified plastic surgeon. Reconstruction procedures can offer special challenges, so it’s essential that you only consider experienced board-certified plastic surgeons. You also want to look for a surgeon who has demonstrated the ability to perform reconstruction procedures with consistently outstanding outcomes.

Social media can be a helpful tool for finding patient testimonials for doctors. It’s also good to look at online before-and-after galleries and informative videos to see what might be possible in your case.

For more about Strattice™ see our dedicated page.

Dr. J for Breast Reconstruction with Strattice™

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Of course, it’s the outcomes that truly delight Dr. J’s patients – and many are proud enough to share them. Click here to see a gallery of Dr. J’s breast reconstruction outcomes.

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