Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos

There’s no getting around it, the shape and size a person’s nose greatly impacts their overall facial appearance. That’s why the improvements visible in these amazing rhinoplasty before and after photos are, you should pardon the expression, as plain as the nose on your face. Moreover, they show the skill and artistry that have made Payam Jarrah-Nejad, MD, FICS, FACS, one of the most respected and popular board certified plastic surgeons working in the ultra-competitive Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area.

Surgeons like to call operations that change the appearance of a patient’s nose “rhinoplasty,” but most of us call them simply “nose jobs.” By any name, however, the rhinoplasty or nose job before and after pictures on this page are impressive, and that is no accident. Dr. Jarrah-Nejad, or Dr. J as he is more familiarly known to his patients, learned much of his craft performing hand surgery – one of the most delicate of all surgical specialties. He possesses not only the knowledge and technical acumen of the finest medical doctor, but another quality crucial for a truly first-rate plastic surgeon: the touch of an artist.

A strong creative and aesthetic sense is obviously crucial to achieving great nose job before and after results, but the results go beyond being to simply fashion a nose that looks better in isolation from the rest of the face. It must flatter the overall appearance of the patient and look as natural as possible. This is even more true in cases of what is now often referred to as ethnic rhinoplasty, in which the patient is seeking to not only improve her appearance but also to honor her ancestry. It’s sometimes a delicate balance, but Dr. J is more than up to the challenge. That’s why in the online battle of rhinoplasty before and after pictures, the doctor wins by much more than a nose!

Plastic Surgery with Dr. J

Whether he’s achieving such outstanding nose job, or performing a range of surgeries that run the gamut from breast and buttock augmentation to tummy tucks and arm lift surgery, Dr. J is widely regarded as one of the finest choices a plastic surgery patient can make. Aside from unparalleled surgical and aesthetic abilities, he is also highly appreciated for another quality, his friendly and sensitive manner.

Dr. J understands that all types of plastic surgeries often touch on a number of potentially very sensitive emotional and psychological areas; after all, our faces and bodies are on the line. That’s why he works hard to ensure that patients have a full and complete understanding of just what their operation will involve and what the recovery will be like.

Of course, patients must also have a realistic idea of what to expect from their procedure when their recovery has fully run its course. Not every patient can or should wind up with a nose or buttocks that duplicates the appearance of their favorite star. The goal is always to become the best possible version of yourself, and Dr. J is ready and able to help you achieve it.

To inquire about a consultation, please visit the Dr. J Plastic Surgery contact page. You can also contact our office by phone at 310-228-3151. Whether you’re inquiring about which type of breast or buttock augmentation might be best for you or simply want to ask about exactly what is liposuction, we’re delighted to help!

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