Male Liposuction Before and After

Once upon a time, we are told, there would not have been much interest in male liposuction before and after pictures. It was only women, people said, who cared much about the appearance and shape of their body. Well, leading plastic surgeon Payam Jarrah-Nejad, MD, FICS, FACS knows that the males of today care very much about their bodily appearance and all too often find that exercise and diet will only take them so far. That’s why more men than ever are contacting the physician known familiarly to his patients as Dr. J. for liposuction that can produce truly remarkable results.

For men who interested in carving out the finest physique they can, the male liposuction before and after pictures on this page tell an exciting story. Flabby abdominal and chest areas with unsymmetrical appearance and other features usually deemed unattractive are transformed into remarkably svelte torsos. Also, men who may be considering gynecomastia treatment for unusually large breasts will see that liposuction can dramatically alter their appearance for the better.

Among Los Angeles area’s finest board certified plastic surgeons, Dr. J is known for a mastery of both the art and science of sculpting the human body that leads to impressive male liposuction before and after pictures. He is also known for his friendly and upbeat demeanor and his ability to put patients at their ease about everything from the post-surgical recovery process to the cost of liposuction.

If you would like to be able to sport the kind dramatic male liposuction before and after results above, then a consultation at Dr. J’s offices would be a superb idea. Just call us or visit our contact page.

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