Liposuction Love Handles Before and After

To see what happens when we liposuction love handles, before and after photos are a great source of information. Prior to the liposuction of flanks, some of our patients couldn’t stand to look at their torsos in the mirror. Now, following liposuction, love handles before and after pictures – available in our office at your consultation – demonstrate the extreme difference between a body riddled with fatty deposits and the new, artfully sculpted form rendered by Dr. J.

The term love handles, although endearing to some, denotes troublesome pockets that cannot be combatted easily. In some cases, rigorous exercise and strict dieting will not substantially reduce the fat. Dr. J invites those that have struggled to consider liposuction for love handles that have not receded through every-day efforts. When the patient takes his or her final photo to capture the results of the liposuction, love handles before and after photos will contrast strongly when held up next to each other. To target love handles, liposuction is conducted using local or general anesthesia, depending on the patient and the extent of the process. The surgery can be performed at Dr. J’s clinic or in an approved hospital location, also depending on the particular situation.

While the patient might experience some swelling or bruising immediately following the procedure, this will fade relatively quickly. Over the coming weeks, the one small incision will diminish, in many cases completely. When the recovery process has reached an end, the patient is left with lean, natural looking stomach flanks, thanks to Dr. J’s precision and skill.

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