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The war against unsightly fat deposits often appears to be one without end. However, outstanding results can be achieved by a truly talented, well experienced double-board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad, MD, FICS, FACS, as these amazing liposuction before and after photos illustrate so clearly. He has performed hundreds of liposculpture procedures and often has processed the fat and used it for reinjection to enhance other areas of the body. For one, the fat can be turned into stem cells, then used for facial rejuvenation to have a more youthful, lifted, and attractive appearance. This fat can also be used to have a more feminine and sculptural buttocks.

In fact, the beautiful women featured in these impressive liposuction before after photos were so delighted with the results they achieved, they asked to be featured on this website, where other potential liposuction patients could see their newly sculpted, highly toned bodies. It’s all thanks to Dr. Jarrah-Nejad, known affectionately to his colleagues and patients as “Dr. J.” The doctor is one of the most highly regarded of all board certified plastic surgeons in the beauty mecca of Southern California, in Beverly Hills. There’s no mystery; look at these liposuction before after results. Dr. J’s reputation is thanks to the kind of results you see on this page, just one small sample of the truly impressive plastic surgery before and after results he has created over the years. You can visit the buttock augmentation site as well to see how fat can be used for buttock enhancement and rejuvenation.

With the office located in the plastic surgery hotbed of Beverly Hills, Dr. J has achieved his sterling reputation through his signature combination of vast surgical ability and the touch of a fine sculptor. Whether you are looking at abdomen, love handles or flanks, back, arms, or thigh liposuction before after pictures, you can see the kind of outstanding outcomes that has made Dr. J one of the most talked about and respected plastic surgeons currently working.

For more information on how you can achieve these kind of liposuction before after results, you may contact us or reach us via phone at 310-228-3151 for a consultation.

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