Facial Fillers

Today’s patients benefit from an ever-increasing number of outstanding nonsurgical facial rejuvenation options, with facial fillers being one of the most popular and versatile methods for improving the appearance of a woman or man’s face.  Experts and patients agree that this is an extremely safe and effective type of treatment, with results that compare well to other injectable methods.  Fillers can perform a number of functions, ranging from fighting certain types of wrinkles to lip augmentation.

Types of Facial Fullers

Juvederm is the most popular facial filler and has offered results that have delighted countless patients. The Juvederm line includes three outstanding products, and all of them feature the same main ingredient: hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring substance in the body which is ideal for a number of facial rejuvenation functions. The Juvederm line includes:

Ideal for erasing moderate to severe wrinkling in certain areas of the face and with results that last as long as 18 months, this product’s success is based on its unique, custom-engineered variation of the Juvederm’s Vycross technology, which crosslinks HA molecules of a number of differing weights.

Very often, our cheeks can lose fullness because of age or certain health problems. Voluma XC is ideal for restoring lost fullness to the one of the face’s most important features. Patients love the way it lifts and shapes their cheeks.

Our lips are one of our most sensual and distinctive facial features, and Volbella is designed especially for adding fullness and volumes to them.  Whether you are interested in adding just the right amount of volume to your lips, or in smoothing out vertical lip lines, Volbella XC may very well be ideal for you.

Learn More about Facial Fillers

Dr. J is here to provide the very best in facial rejuvenation. As a double board certified plastic surgeon, he is able to work with you to help you select the very best treatments for you, and to help you get the most out of them.  To learn more, contact us today by calling the phone number above or getting in touch with us online through our contact page.

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