Breast Reduction Recovery

Once upon a time, even the simplest surgeries often required a lengthy and sometimes difficult recovery. The good news is that, today, breast reduction recovery is usually a fairly speedy and often remarkably smooth process. As one of the most skilled practitioners in the legendary city of Beverly Hills, Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad – known affectionately to client and colleagues as “Dr. J.” – specializes in reducing the trauma, and therefore the recovery time, of procedures whenever possible. The majority of the time, the patient can return home within a remarkably short term, usually on the same day as the surgery.Breast Reduction Recovery

Of course, as with all surgery, recovery is not quite instantaneous. Recovery from breast reduction requires wearing a sports bra to hold the altered breasts in place for roughly one week. The good news is that a mostly normal routine can be resumed very quickly after the breast surgery and breast reduction recovery is usually a relatively simple and quick matter.

The even better news for women concerned with scaring is that Dr. J. is highly skilled at techniques for keeping post-surgical scaring to a minimum. Double-board certified and one of the most respected medical doctors in the plastic surgery mecca of Beverly Hills, Dr. J. is known not only for the great results he regularly achieves both with reductions and with breast augmentation, but for his friendly and comforting demeanor. Breast reduction may not get the same publicity as breast augmentation, but Dr. J. understands the importance and sensitive nature of the procedure; his patients’ comfort and happiness is a top priority.

For more information on breast reduction recovery and other matters relating to all types of plastic surgery, please contact Dr. J for a no-cost consultation.

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