Breast Augmentation with Lift (Mastopexy) Before and After Results

A breast lift, known medically as a mastopexy, can do a great deal to reverse the sagging resulting from aging and other factors, including past pregnancies. In many cases, this procedure can be even more effective when combined with breast augmentation, and you can see the results many satisfied patients enjoyed on this page. Dr. J often performs breast lifts combined with implant-based breast augmentations at his offices in Beverly Hills.

This page of truly impressive augmentation and breast lift before and after photos offers a glimpse of outstanding results that appear to be completely natural. At the same time, nothing worthwhile comes without a little effort. That effort come courtesy of a first-rate medical team and one of the finest plastic surgeons now working in the highly competitive Beverly Hills and Greater Los Angeles area. Payam Jarrah-Nejad, MD, FICS, FACS – better known to his patients and colleagues as Dr. J – is the double board certified physician who has earned rave reviews from countless women for his unparallelled acumen with breast lift and augmentation procedures.

In plastic surgery, the most important measure of the success of a procedure is the level of satisfaction the patient experiences with her work upon her recovery. The women featured on this page were so delighted with their work that they enthusiastically volunteered to show off their results on Dr. J’s page.

How did Dr. J achieve such fine results? To begin with, of course, Dr. J is a highly trained and highly regarded plastic surgeon who has mastered the full range of procedures men and women desire to look and feel their absolute best. A breast lift, known medically as mastopexy, is a procedure that transforms breasts that have lost some or all of their shape by removing sagging or otherwise damaged tissue and literally raising the breast higher up on the chest. Mastopexy procedures may be performed on their own or, as a combination of breast lift and augmentation surgeries. Depending on the patient, the results can be equally superb; augmentation and breast lift before and after photos and mastopexy before and after pictures typically show the kind of dramatic improvements that all patients hope for when they contact an outstanding surgeon like Dr. J

Working with Dr. J

The truly impressive breast lift with augmentation before and after photos you see on this page are the direct result of the combination of outstanding technical skill and medical knowledge combined with the aesthetic sensitivity of a fine artist or craftsman. It is that rare combination that has made Dr. J a noted exemplar of the finest plastic surgery Beverly Hills has to offer.

A doctor who has thrived in perhaps the single most competitive region for a plastic surgeon, Dr. J has earned the admiration and loyalty of countless patients who not only praise him for their superb results and smooth recoveries, but also for his friendly and straightforward approach to making sure they understand their procedures. Whether you are interested in a breast or buttock augmentation or a facial procedure such as a facelift or rhinoplasty, or are interested in body contouring procedures, Dr. J is here to help. Even if your questions are a basic as “What is a tummy tuck?” there is no need to be embarrassed; the important thing is to understand the nature of your procedure as well as the likely results.

To get started, call Dr. J at (310) 993-3800 or visit his contact page. He and and his friendly and professional medical team look forward to hearing from you.

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