Mini Natural Butt Lift Before and After

The Mini Natural Butt Lift® is an outgrowth of the better known Brazilian butt lift, which employs the patient’s own body fat. It’s designed primarily for more slender women who would like a more curvaceous and attractive derriere, but who may not have a large amount of unwanted fat to work with.
Dr. J has been able to achieved outstanding results for his patients with this method. A mini procedure may, for example, remove a small amount of fat from the lower back via liposuction, which can create a more attractive slope of the back, and then use that fat to make the buttocks more rounded and symmetrical.  Our thinner buttock lift patients agree that, with this plastic surgery innovation, Dr. J has been able to put a beautiful finishing touch on their figure with better results than they expected.

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

Everyone who understands plastic surgery agrees that the choice of the right doctor is by far the most important single factor in reaching the desired outcome. Dr. J – known more formally as Payam Jarrah-Nejad, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S. – has worked with thousands of patients who consistently say on social media and elsewhere that they are delighted with their outcomes – often lauding his aesthetic skill as well as his bedside manner. You can see the results for yourself on this gallery and many others on this web site.
While all plastic surgery patients wants a procedure to leave them feeling and looking their best, safety is obviously the most important aspect of any procedure. Dr. J is double board certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, which means that he has an extremely wide breadth of surgical skill and medical knowledge and has the experience and know-how to handle the vast majority of situations that are likely to come up.

Interested in a Mini Natural Butt Lift®?

If you’re interested in finding out whether a buttock lift or any other procedure is for you, then consider coming in for a consultation with Dr. J in his Beverly Hills offices (virtual consultations available for out-of-town patients). To find out more, contact us today at the phone number above, or visit us online at our contact page.

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